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Vegan/Gluten-Free Thin Mints

Last week (right? already lost track of time) I had a chance to see my friend Mary Kate, of Surviving the Food Allergy Apocalypse. In a rare move, we made cookies instead of getting Mexican. We combined recipes from two … Continue reading

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Monster Cookie Dough Dip

A quick dessert to whip up, this makes enough (really delicious) dip that it’s probably for the best to make it before having a bunch of friends over, rather than sitting home alone with the bowl and some Netflix… The … Continue reading

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Mu Shu Pork

One of my favorite dishes when getting a lot of Chinese food, mu shu (or mu shi, moo shi, or moo shu depending on the menu) is a mess of thinly sliced pork and vegetables wrapped in a thin pancake. … Continue reading

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Buffalo Turkey Meatloaf

A few weeks ago I made a long overdue trip to visit some friends in New York. We made this meatloaf that, while slightly sloppy, was really super delicious and worth trying! We cooked it with some vegetables, so there … Continue reading

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Crispy Brown Butter Gnocchi // Blue Apron Giveaway

A few weeks ago a friend gave me a free trial of Blue Apron. If you haven’t heard about it, well, I’m about to tell you a little bit, and at the end, give you a chance to try two … Continue reading

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Cranberry Crumble

I’m moving to Wyoming soon, but before I left DC I went to one last Battlestar Galactica potluck. We did a Wyoming theme, which mostly turned out to mean Bison meat and recipes from a Native American cookbook. This was … Continue reading

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Honey Buttermilk Dinner Rolls

Some simple rolls that are soft inside, with just a little chewiness to the outside and a nice, not especially sweet flavor. They’re not crunchy rolls, so if that’s what you’re craving, try this recipe. Ingredients: 2 1/2 teaspoons active … Continue reading

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Baked Cinnamon Breakfast Bites

Another recipe that straddles the breakfast/dessert divide, I brought these to a potluck night a few weeks ago, where (thanks to the addition of a sugary glaze) they were greeted as delicious, slightly crunchy donuts. That works for me! Ingredients: … Continue reading

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