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And the (kitchen?) crowd goes mild…

Y’ever have things just fail to go right? For ages? Well, here’s what’s been going on/going wrong in my kitchen the last few weeks, and why I’ve got nothing much to share until next week. If you’ve ever noticed, any … Continue reading

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Yak Gochujang (Stir-Fried Gochujang)

You may have noticed over the months/years, but I super love gochujang. Mary Kate sent me this recipe a while ago, for just that reason! This makes a sauce that is ~50% gochujang, which means it’s borderline hotter than I … Continue reading

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Crock Pot Cookie

A big, thick cookie in which the sugars caramelize a bit, giving an extra richness to the flavors. Even the white chocolate chips I used browned and, even if only because the color got in my head, tasted more like … Continue reading

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Honey Garlic Baked Cauliflower

So, even if there’s no way you’re ever going to eat a cauliflower-based food, stick with this one for the sauce, which would go equally wonderfully on chicken nuggets or fried whatever-meat. The sauce is so wonderful, though, that even … Continue reading

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