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Mini Polenta Pizzas

This is slightly more of a suggestion than an exact recipe, it’s an easy way to make some cute, tasty little pizzas without having to mess with kneading dough or rising times. The polenta also happens to be gluten-free, without … Continue reading

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Bacon Brown Sugar Green Beans

My mom gets pretty into farmers’ market food in the summer, and somehow this resulted in her buying green beans the other day. She asked me to do something with them, and I was able to turn up a recipe … Continue reading

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Nut Pie Cookies

Last week my friend Danielle and I made some cookies for our mutual friend Jen’s wedding. The wedding had pies, not cake, so we made some cookies to match. This is a recipe Danielle and her mother make every year … Continue reading

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Sticky Bun Dip

Another recipe from last weekend’s brunch, this one’s super easy and quick to throw together. It’s from Karo, and in my experience recipes directly from food companies are usually pretty foolproof, because they want you to have a good experience … Continue reading


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