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Black Bean Burgers

I am really super pleased with how these came out, and am quite pleased to have almost a week’s worth of them to eat. Gochujang is really just my go-to for everything now, I think! I didn’t even put ketchup … Continue reading

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Tuna Burgers

Some really easy patties that taste great and seem like they’re probably decently healthy. I quite liked the texture of these – sort of creamy inside (although if that sounds gross to you, just ignore it, there’s probably a better … Continue reading

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‘Greek’ Hummus

This is so simple it hardly counts as a recipe, but I really like it! It’s both quite spinach-y and hummus-y, and I think would be good as a veggie dip. I threw it in a wrap with some more … Continue reading

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Pizza Bites

A convenient, tasty lunch, the only problem with these pizza bites is the risk of eating half of them while you’re bagging them up to take along to work/school! (Make a double batch, as I did, and you’ll be all … Continue reading

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The first of this week’s guest posts (while I’m on vacation) is from my friend Jani, who we’ve seen several times before on the blog. I quite approve of Jani’s writing style! I also like that she picked a food … Continue reading

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Cheesy Quinoa Cakes

Tasty crispy little cakes I made yesterday with my friend Jani. She’s moving away this weekend, to which I can only say: Boo! But at least we had time to make one more good thing together! Ingredients: Quinoa Cakes: 2 … Continue reading

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Slathered Turkey Burgers

A few weeks ago I was at the butcher’s with my mom, wandering the isles, and saw this Slatherin’ Sauce. I liked the name, and ‘sticky, sweet, and spicy’ sounded good, so we ended up with a bottle. There’s pineapple … Continue reading

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