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Impossible to Wreck Chicken

My friend James and I made this Cooking Light recipe recently and did basically every thing wrong possible, but it still came out great. We used canned pineapple and corn instead of fresh, used some garlic pepper grinder thing because … Continue reading

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Lemon-Flavored Chocolate Muffins

For whatever reason, I was recently searching for breakfast items in a book called 1001 Chocolate Treats. Like y’do. I saw these lemon-flavored chocolate muffins and was curious, because I couldn’t remember if lemon and chocolate go particularly well together. … Continue reading

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Maple-Brined Pork

Dinner! Delicious, delicious dinner! I’ve never cooked pork before (bacon so doesn’t count, that’s practically another animal!), but I’m glad I tried this recipe, as it was really good and quite easy. The only hard part was finding a friend … Continue reading

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Disaster Tart

This month the theme for Aspiring Bakers is pies and tarts, and I wanted to make at least one thing to submit (arg, posted 2 pies RIGHT before August started!).  Of course, I finally had time to make a tart, … Continue reading

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Swiss Chocolate Squares

Several years ago a friend gave me this kind of ridiculous cookbook that’s all recipes off the back of packages. The book’s 30 years old now, so some of the products the recipes are from don’t even exist anymore, and … Continue reading

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Lasagna Cupcakes

Last February a friend sent me an article about lasagna cupcakes. That idea’s been bouncing around in my head since then, but this week I finally made them. I used this as a reason to make tomato sauce for the … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Red Velvet Cookies

Yesterday I published my 50th post on this blog. To give you guys a break from my constant rambling, my friend Catie was nice enough to write a guest post. While she generally focuses on fabulous cupcakes, this cookie recipe … Continue reading

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White Velvet Butter Cake

I finally (ok only my second real try, first with a proper sized rolling pin) make a cake without fondant so wrinkled it looks like a broomstick skirt, and what happens? The camera decides to go all wonky on me, … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday (Failing Art Class Edition)

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Surprisingly Good Carrot Cake Cupcakes

Last year I went to an event/competition called Cupcake Camp. Lots of us brought one or two dozen cupcakes, a few winners were chosen, and hundreds of cupcakes were consumed. I wasn’t too crushed that I didn’t win, as professionals … Continue reading

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