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Fast Crusty Bread

Where I found this, they called it “no-time” bread, which I think sounds stupid, but “quick bread” is already its own separate type of baked good, so…fast bread? Sure! This bread goes from “hmm I want some bread” to ready … Continue reading

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Chocolate Glazed Cake

I bought ingredients for last week’s layered chocolate dessert knowing I’d need to use up some cream and the chocolate syrup, so it was a 2-dessert plan, along with this cake. It was, I’m going to say, a very good … Continue reading

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Chocolate Syrup Layered Dessert

A surprisingly light chocolate dessert, this seems like maybe it should be chocolate cheesecake-y, but it’s not nearly so dense as that, even without counting the whipped cream layer. Good, though!! Ingredients: Crust: 60 Nilla Wafers (regular sized), crushed 1/3 … Continue reading

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Cowboy Casserole

Had some Bisquick to use up, so went straight to the source for a recipe that would kill the box for me. The recipe calls for ground beef, but I used ground turkey because…I pretend that I’m healthy? When covered … Continue reading

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