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Cinnamon Sweet Bread

I’ve been kind of slacking on Daring Bakers’ posts lately, because…everything is just a bit more of a pain in Greece, but this one was pretty easy to bang together, and looks cool. Or, as they’d have us say: Beauty … Continue reading

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I’ve had some version or other of these bookmarked for years. A lot of the stuff I have bookmarked is more challenging in my Greek kitchen than it will be when I get back to the US, so this, which … Continue reading

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Eggless Cookie Dough

Several days ago I saw some dumb joke image about going on a ‘raw’ diet, with a picture of a tube of cookie dough. Since then, my constant baseline desire for cookie dough has been pretty maxed out, and I … Continue reading

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Hot Chocolate Cookies

Last week Lidl (a German supermarket chain) was having a sale on “American” foods (I screen capped the flyer here), and I picked up some marshmallows. Started sorting through my bookmarked recipes, and turned up this recipe, which…used a pretty … Continue reading

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