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My name's Corinne, and I like cake, cookies, and chocolate! Also, non-c-things such as ponies, Star Trek, and biking. I write a food blog and a blog about life, wide open spaces, and museum work. Nice to meet you!

Caramel Monkey Bread

In the past, I made a monkey bread that had chocolate chips and caramel bits in each piece, with a thick icing on top. Lately I’d been pondering a monkey bread that has Milk Duds in each piece, and just … Continue reading

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Angel Lush Trifle

No easier way to party prep than to make a trifle the day before! This one is extra simple, and quite delicious! I didn’t wind up taking many pictures, but once you’ve made it, you’ll be able to see it … Continue reading

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Maple Candy

Did an event at work this past weekend at which visitors were able to sample maple sap, some partially cooked down sap, finished maple syrup, and then also maple candy (plus listen to me yammer about the history of maple … Continue reading

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Bulgogi Cheesesteak

Is this something you’d find in an authentic Korean restaurant? Well…no, don’t imagine it is. Is it friggin’ delicious? Yes, 100% it is! I’ve made other bulgogi recipes before, and this one’s a bit simpler than some, but makes a … Continue reading

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Peanut Butter Banana Chocolate Cookies

Another cookie, because I decided I needed peanut butter chips in things. These are soft and relatively thick, and there’s enough banana in the batter that all the different flavors are noticeable, which is the ideal. I actually baked them … Continue reading

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Orange Cookies

Another old recipe, this one’s from a 1937 Ohio cookbook available online. They went over very well at the board meeting I brought them to, people took thirds at a program that night, and they made a good lunch the … Continue reading

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Crock Pot Chicken Lo Mein

A ton of food with not a ton of effort! I really liked the sauce for this. Unfortunately I took most of this week’s pictures from TOO CLOSE, but you get the idea, and you can see it yourself after … Continue reading

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