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Green Onion and Cheese Bread

What to do when ‘your’ Olympian breaks your heart by not getting anywhere near gold? Bury those emotions under a warm comforting blanket of cheesy carbs! It’s what all the pros do, I’m pretty sure. This bread uses King Arthur’s … Continue reading

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Lofthouse Cookie Bars

Most of you are probably familiar with the colorful temptress of the bakery section, Lofthouse cookies. They’re thick, cakey cookies with brightly colored frosting and sprinkles. They’re not everyone’s favorite kind of cookies, but if you do like them, you’ve … Continue reading

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American Sandwich Bread

A lot of the breads I make are ridiculous all day affairs, which is fine for me, as I am sort of underemployed. Not everyone has all the time in the world, though, so here’s a bread that, yeah, still … Continue reading

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If you didn’t know, the Tour de France ended yesterday! For the 3 weeks, the chefs of 3 of the teams were on twitter sharing photos, menus, and blog posts about what they were making their teams. Check out this … Continue reading

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Jimbalian Fudge Cake

Before getting anywhere near this recipe, I would like to pass on one pro-tip: If your shortening looks kinda like Vaseline and smells like rancid death, THROW IT OUT. This message sponsored by the Jani and Corinne Council for Never … Continue reading

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Norwegian Pound Cake

This is a really simple pound cake that has a nice crisp outside and is topped with chocolate frosting. The frosting uses eggs in a way I’d not seen before in frosting, and is quite tasty. Ingredients: Cake: 2 1/4 … Continue reading

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Frozen Hot Chocolate

After typing up the fluffernutter pie recipe, I did end up looking through the rest of the Fluff cookbook. There were a bunch of things I liked the look of, including some frozen hot chocolate. This weekend I went to … Continue reading

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Sugar Cookies

Do you ever start looking for recipes and just go “uuuughhhh oh noooo” because there are 10,000 variations and you don’t want to have to figure out which one is best? Well, one of my relatives gave me The Best … Continue reading

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Fluffernutter Pie

One of the desserts I made for the wedding in Kansas City last weekend was a fluffernutter pie. The people that make Fluff have a whole cookbook, but I’ve never even really looked through it, for whatever reason, I just … Continue reading

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Although I’d been building up a small queue of posts lately, I was gone all last week to Kansas City to prep for the wedding of some of my favorite people, and burned through them. Here’s what you missed while … Continue reading

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