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The Best Turkey!

Everything I made for Thanksgiving was vegan except for this, the most ridiculous turkey imaginable. It’s got a pork stuffing under the skin, to keep the breast meat moist, and bacon, garlic, and rosemary in the legs which flavor them … Continue reading

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Cranberry Salsa

Post robbery, we did manage to pull together a really delicious Thanksgiving. I borrowed a camera and got some pictures. The first recipe I made is a cranberry salsa recipe I got from my mother several years ago, and have … Continue reading

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Just to let you all know, I won’t be posting a recipe tomorrow, because someone broke into our house today and stole, among other things, my computer. Raging right the heck out.

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Chocolate Chip Whopper Cookies

Last time I hung out with Ted to make white chocolate pretzel peanut butter cookies, we watched the first episode of Game of Thrones. We’ve got a lot more episodes to go, which basically means  a lot more cookies! These … Continue reading

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Baked Beans

Until now, I’d never made baked beans. I’d also never owned a cast iron skillet or a crock pot. My, how times have changed! I’d actually tried this recipe once, a year or so ago, but hadn’t realized until I … Continue reading

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Basic White Bread

After months of making super bread for sandwiches all the time, I thought maybe I’d switch things up and make a new bread. This white bread comes together faster than the super bread and has a very light, but noticeable … Continue reading

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Strawberry Cream Cheese Bread

This bread is currently sitting on the counter cooling, and every time I go in the kitchen I’m strongly tempted to take a huge bite out of the middle of the loaf. I’ve made it several times before, and it’s … Continue reading

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News You Can Use

Well hey now. I’ve been noticing over the last week that I’m edging pretty close to 100 posts, and I figured that if I’m ever going to set up an index for this blog, I had better do it before … Continue reading

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Chocolate Orange Ravioli

The Jamie Oliver book I got the other week mentioned that you can make pasta from pretty much any liquid and flour. I liked the idea, and immediately started thinking of dessert pastas. Brilliant! Ingredients: 13.5 ounces all-purpose flour 1 … Continue reading

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Yeasted Thanksgiving Corn Bread with Cranberries

Several weeks ago I had lunch with my grandfather’s cousin. She gave me Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day, which is pretty cool! This is the first bread I made from it, based on the broa, a Portuguese corn … Continue reading

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