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Butterfinger Cheesecake

As should come as no surprise to anyone, Butterfinger Cheesecake is quite delicious! I had adapted a recipe for mini-cheesecakes into one cheesecake, which worked fine except I’m going to recommend that for you all, instead of making a chocolate … Continue reading


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Chorizo Manchego Flatbread

It’s been many years since my last chorizo/manchego recipe, but it’s a flavor combo well worth returning to! My current supermarket doesn’t have the kind of firmer chorizo I used back in 2013, but I tried two different types it … Continue reading

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Strawberry Cacao Pigpen

A week or two ago I got an email asking if I was interesting in trying cacao tea. Although I’m not a tea drinker, I am always curious about anything chocolatey, so found a method more my style to check … Continue reading

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Mongolian Beef

That good takeout taste without leaving the house! This recipe comes together quite quickly (definitely within 15 minutes once the meat is sliced), so don’t forget to get rice and any other sides you might want started early enough! Ingredients: … Continue reading

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Flourless PB&C Bars

A huge batch of very peanut butter-y oat bars with both chocolate chips and Reese’s Pieces. These will be very popular with anyone you give them to (give or take a peanut allergy..)! Ingredients: 2/3 cup salted butter, at room … Continue reading

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