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BBQ Chicken Pot Pie

Combining everything good, with not-a-ton of hands-on time? Sign me up! This makes a lot of food for a single person to eat alone, but I have enjoyed the challenge. Ingredients: Chicken Layer: 3 chicken breasts 3/4 cup smoky flavored … Continue reading

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Maple Apple Upside-Down Cake (gf optional)

The blog where I read this recipe made it quite clear that she had had a bad experience using a springform pan for this recipe, and not to trust them. I foolishly thought that my (actually sort of tart-pan-ish, removable … Continue reading

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Margherita Empanadas

I’m a big fan of empanadas, and these were a new flavor of empanada for me! For the crust I’ve used a pie dough made of the remains of the Artisanal Gluten-Free Cooking flour blend from last week, but you … Continue reading

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Gluten-Free Brownies

Tasty brownies that go well with ice cream, especially banana ice cream! They’re quite chocolate-y, sturdy without being a weird gf-y texture, and benefit from the cup of caramel chips I threw in! These brownies use a small amount of … Continue reading

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Creamy Cinnamon Chip Cheesecake

The apple bundt I made recently was originally something I made intending to use up some cinnamon chips, but I completely forgot to add them, which was for the best, as they would have been overkill in an already great … Continue reading

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Korean Popcorn Chicken

I don’t think I’d ever made fried chicken before, and I certainly hadn’t made double fried chicken, but I’m glad I finally did because this was a very, very good dinner. When I made this, we used way more rice … Continue reading

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Old-Fashioned Cornbread (gluten-free)

It’s a cornmeal-only cornbread, that gives you a great corn flavor that happens to be gluten-free. It’s sturdy, lightly sweet, and comes together pretty quickly for a cornbread that’s good on its own, or crumbled up into stuffing! Ingredients: 4 … Continue reading

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