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Scalloped Scallops (and Shrimp)

I wonder…this is probably the first seafood based recipe I’ve posted, in the year and a half or so I’ve been doing this. Huh. Mostly my seafood meals involve tuna from a can, but I can change, and this one … Continue reading

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Potato Peasant Bread

If you’re looking for a site with very reliable yeast dough recipes, Bread World is good. It’s run by a yeast company, so they want to be real sure you’ll have good luck and keep buying more yeast. I don’t … Continue reading

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Citrus Sugar Cookies

The blog Sugarcrafter has posted recipes for clementine sugar cookies and lemon sugar cookies. Based on what was in the fridge and cabinet, I made some orange-lemon sugar cookies with Sugarcrafter’s recipe. They’re big, lightly chewy, and great when you … Continue reading

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