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Lemon Polenta Cake

Making gluten-free baked goods in Rawlins is pretty severely limited by the gluten-free flour-type-thing options pretty much being gf Bisquick, almond meal, and cornmeal. Luckily, 2 of those 3 are what you need for this cake! Ingredients: 2/3 cup polenta/corn … Continue reading

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Baked Lemon Risotto

I know there is some debate about if you can call something risotto if someone didn’t spend 30 – 700 minutes standing over the stove, stirring, but this makes it so very easy, and is a soft creamy texture, close … Continue reading

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Duck with Cherries and Lemon

Two weekends ago, my friend Hillary and I spent a day at a bunch of food-related places outside DC. At the Chinese supermarket, we saw duck for so cheap that we couldn’t pass it up, and decided to get one … Continue reading

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That’s like brownies, but lemon flavored, if you couldn’t figure it out. Different from how I picture lemon bars, as they don’t have a crust or a sort or smooshy layer, but they do have plenty of lemon flavor! Ingredients: … Continue reading

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Citrus Sugar Cookies

The blog Sugarcrafter has posted recipes for clementine sugar cookies and lemon sugar cookies. Based on what was in the fridge and cabinet, I made some orange-lemon sugar cookies with Sugarcrafter’s recipe. They’re big, lightly chewy, and great when you … Continue reading

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Lemon-Cream Sandwich Cookies

When I first saw this recipe, I was really excited because I could actually taste what they would turn out like. If anything, the real thing was even better, despite a few changes I made based on what was available … Continue reading

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Lemon-Flavored Chocolate Muffins

For whatever reason, I was recently searching for breakfast items in a book called 1001 Chocolate Treats. Like y’do. I saw these lemon-flavored chocolate muffins and was curious, because I couldn’t remember if lemon and chocolate go particularly well together. … Continue reading

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