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Buttermilk Bundt

This bundt came out great! It’s not particularly tart, or anything else that really comes to mind with buttermilk, it’s just…cake flavored. Good cake flavored? It doesn’t feel heavy, but it is dense enough that I’ve been feeling satisfied after … Continue reading

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Root Beer Fudge Cake

This cake combines two good flavors, without being super strongly either, for a nice blend. The frosting is quite sweet, but the cake isn’t, for another good balance. What makes it sort of magical is adding vanilla ice cream. When … Continue reading

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Banana Fluffernutter Bundt

This past weekend was SPX, the Small Press Expo, outside DC, which brings together, among other folk, lots of web comic artists I like. The last time I went, in 2011, I brought cookies to the artists that I liked. … Continue reading

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