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Chocolate Chip Cream Cheese Marshmallow Cookies

Even the name/description of these cookies is a mouthful, but all the various parts come together into something really magical! The cream cheese frosting is delicious, and the marshmallows sort of disappear into it with just a bit more vanilla … Continue reading

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Apple-Cinnamon Cake with Caramel Cream Cheese Frosting

One of my Greek classmates had apparently never really baked a cake before. Fixing that seemed like a pretty good excuse to make a cake! She really likes caramel, so making this seemed a good place to start. Ingredients: Cake: … Continue reading

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Lemon Pudding Cookies with Lemon Cream Cheese Frosting

Last floor hockey of the regular season, last…batch of cookies for the regular season? Guess so! My mother’d bought a bunch of lemon pudding that it turned out she didn’t need, so I looked around for a lemon pudding cookies … Continue reading

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Strawberry Cake

When I first read this recipe, it was a vegan version, unfrosted, and I saved it in my breakfast recipe folder. I think I’ve pretty well ruined any chance of calling this healthy or breakfasty by adding strawberry cream cheese … Continue reading

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