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Maple Apple Upside-Down Cake (gf optional)

The blog where I read this recipe made it quite clear that she had had a bad experience using a springform pan for this recipe, and not to trust them. I foolishly thought that my (actually sort of tart-pan-ish, removable … Continue reading

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Maple Bundt

This maple cake has a fantastic light, fluffy texture, and a maple-cinnamon icing that makes it feel a bit warm and nice for winter. If you’ve got some syrup in the back of your fridge that hasn’t been touched in … Continue reading

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Maple Gelato

As soon as I saw this recipe, knew it was another brunch-worthy one I had to check out. It’s pretty delicious! My mom likes it with extra syrup on top, which is pretty much the maple-est sundae imaginable. Ingredients: 1 … Continue reading

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