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A marlow is an old, frozen dessert made in part by melting marshmallows. My guess, then, is that marlow is a contraction of marshmallow, but I can’t promise that that’s correct! I’ve made both chocolate marlow, which tastes like a … Continue reading


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Marshmallow Ice Cream

This is a simple ice cream (no making custards and worrying about scrambled egg ice cream!) that tastes like a very rich vanilla, possibly with a hint of malted-ness. Add sprinkles or mini chocolate chips for a bit more visual … Continue reading

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Marshmallow Sandwich Cookies

One of my coworkers (Hi Carol!) has been bringing me recipes pages from a local paper, and this recipe comes from one of those. These sandwich cookies are thin and firm, but chewy. They’re a good balance of chocolate and … Continue reading

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Hot Chocolate Cookies

Last week Lidl (a German supermarket chain) was having a sale on “American” foods (I screen capped the flyer here), and I picked up some marshmallows. Started sorting through my bookmarked recipes, and turned up this recipe, which…used a pretty … Continue reading

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Marshmallow Ice Cream and a Visit to Planet Marshmallow

For the last few weeks, my friend Mary Kate and I had been eyeballing the menu at Planet Marshmallow, a newish restaurant/dessert place in Manchester that makes gourmet marshmallows. We finally met up there last week to check it out. … Continue reading

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