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A marlow is an old, frozen dessert made in part by melting marshmallows. My guess, then, is that marlow is a contraction of marshmallow, but I can’t promise that that’s correct! I’ve made both chocolate marlow, which tastes like a … Continue reading

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Peanut Butter Banana Chocolate Cookies

Another cookie, because I decided I needed peanut butter chips in things. These are soft and relatively thick, and there’s enough banana in the batter that all the different flavors are noticeable, which is the ideal. I actually baked them … Continue reading

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Chocolate Chip Banana Oatmeal Cookies (Vegan)

For cookies that only use one dinky banana, these have a real banana punch, which (of course) goes great with chocolate. The banana flavor actually lessens slightly by the second day, allowing all the flavors to shine equally, so they … Continue reading

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Rice and Banana Muffins

The Feed Zone Cookbook is recipes designed originally for pro cyclists. It has lots of recipes meals for at home, but also “handhelds,” little things easy to wrap up and pack along on a ride. This is one of those! … Continue reading

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Banana Beignets

I’ve had this recipe bookmarked for well over a year as a thing to make with Jon. He just moved to a new house with a nice big kitchen, and the time had come! They were super delicious – wish … Continue reading

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Banana Coffee Cake with Chocolate Chip Streusel

It’s time for another delicious breakfast food! I’ve been eating this for the last few days (it lasts well!), and it’s actually surprisingly filling. I make it past 9:05 am without wondering when second breakfast is, which is practically unheard … Continue reading

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