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Orange Grape-Nut Muffins

Like 2 weeks ago, I’m still slowly working my way through a box of Grape-Nuts at work. These muffins are kind of mild but tasty, and a lasting sort of filling. A good thing to have for breakfast/snack on a … Continue reading

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Rice and Banana Muffins

The Feed Zone Cookbook is recipes designed originally for pro cyclists. It has lots of recipes meals for at home, but also “handhelds,” little things easy to wrap up and pack along on a ride. This is one of those! … Continue reading

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Hot Chocolate Muffins

Weeeell these were pretty delicious. After the frozen hot chocolate recipe, why not hot chocolate in muffin form? They both have fluff, foodstuff of the gods! This recipe makes 16 or 17 muffins. I don’t have 2 muffin tins, so … Continue reading

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Oreo Muffins

A few weeks ago, my friend Hillary came over. We did some experiments on cookies with cookies in them, trying out every combination of cookies with Oreos, Tagalongs, butterscotch chips, chocolate chips, regular potato chips, and kettle chips. It was … Continue reading


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Brownie Muffins

I was wandering around mrbreakfast.com again recently, and saw a review of one recipe that called the food an “[e]xcellent source of chocolate.” Can’t turn that down! Brownie muffins are exactly what they sound like – they taste like brownies, … Continue reading

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Lemon-Flavored Chocolate Muffins

For whatever reason, I was recently searching for breakfast items in a book called 1001 Chocolate Treats. Like y’do. I saw these lemon-flavored chocolate muffins and was curious, because I couldn’t remember if lemon and chocolate go particularly well together. … Continue reading

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French Toast Muffins

As most of you probably have noticed, it’s wicked freaking hot out currently. Solidly over 100 daily, which is no temp for living. It is, however, a decent temperature to warm up the butter you didn’t take out of the … Continue reading

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White Chocolate Muffins

I a) just got a kitchen scale, and b) wanted to bring some sort of baked good to my last day volunteering at a pretty cool local nonprofit. I had a recipe bookmarked that required a scale and said it … Continue reading

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