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Maple Bundt

This maple cake has a fantastic light, fluffy texture, and a maple-cinnamon icing that makes it feel a bit warm and nice for winter. If you’ve got some syrup in the back of your fridge that hasn’t been touched in … Continue reading

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Maple Oatmeal Cookies

These are the cookies I made at the same time as last week’s brown sugar maple cookies. As I mentioned then, I liked the texture of last week’s cookies way more, but most of my coworkers loved the texture of … Continue reading

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Brown Sugar Maple Cookies

I made two different maple cookie recipes the other day,  to have coworkers taste test them to find the best. I thought these were the CLEAR winner, in taste, texture, and appearance, but most of the other folk to try … Continue reading

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Maple-Brined Pork

Dinner! Delicious, delicious dinner! I’ve never cooked pork before (bacon so doesn’t count, that’s practically another animal!), but I’m glad I tried this recipe, as it was really good and quite easy. The only hard part was finding a friend … Continue reading

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